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Have questions regarding Direct Primary Care (DPC) and/or Compassion Primary Care? We have the answers!
What is direct primary care?
An innovative alternative payment model improving access to high quality patient care with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee. No fee for service or third-party billing. The defining quality of direct primary care is an enduring and trusting relationship with your health care provider.
Is direct primary care the same as concierge medicine?
There are similarities between direct primary care and concierge medicine, but fundamental differences exist. Several concierge practices still bill your insurance in addition to the monthly fee which can range between $200 – $300 per month. By comparison a monthly membership to a direct primary care practice can cost the same as an average cellphone bill.
Does Compassion Primary Care accept HMO plans (managed care Medicare or Medicaid)?
No, these plans require a clinician that participates in their respective plan. In addition, these plans require prior authorization for many diagnostic procedures and referrals to specialist. Since Compassion Primary Care does not accept insurance, we cannot accept any HMO plans.
What can I expect as a patient?
As a patient with Compassion Primary Care, you can expect same day appointments, longer visits and afterhours access to your provider for urgent matters. You will also get access to your provider via in person and tele video platforms. Members have access to discounted generic medications, labs and diagnostics.
Do I still need insurance?

Insurance is not required for membership, but direct primary care practices are not insurance. You will still need insurance to cover catastrophic care such as surgeries, emergency room visits, and other forms of care not covered by your membership. Many direct primary care patients combine their monthly memberships with a high deductible commercial plan or medical cost sharing plans. For medical cost sharing information, please contact Karen Torsoe an Independent healthshare advisor at (845) 641-9123

Can fees be reimbursed by my insurance company?
In some cases, you can submit your receipt for membership fees, medications and lab costs. Some insurances will apply these payments to your deductible.
Can I use my health savings account of flexible spending account to pay for direct primary care?
Direct Primary Care is an FSA eligible expense. However, at this time, it is unclear if HSA funds can be used to pay for DPC membership fees. The law currently allows the use of HSA money to pay for medications, imaging tests, labs, etc. This is a question for your tax professional. Legislation has been proposed to clear up the question regarding if HSA money can be spent on a provider’s retainer or membership fee.
Will my provider still take care of me if I need to go to the hospital?
The provider does not treat patients while in the hospital but will remain in contact with you and will be ready to resume your care upon discharge from the hospital.
What if I need to be referred to a specialist?
Your provider will coordinate needed care with local specialist as needed. Many specialists offer cash-based pricing for visits and procedures.
How can I contact my provider after hours?
Illness and injuries don’t always happen during office hours. If you have any urgent issues after hours, the clinician is available via the Telehealth platform. If you have any non-urgent questions such as medication refills or scheduling an appointment, please contact us during regular business hours. Also, appointments can be scheduled easily through the practice website which is available 24/7.
Can I get all my generic medications through Compassion Primary Care?
Members will have access to our dispensary, at a discounted cost. We only dispense medications we can save you money on. Therefore, almost all the medications in our inventory are generic. Name-brand prescriptions are generally expensive, and therefore you’ll normally get a better price on name brand drugs using an insurance prescription drug benefit or a prescription drug discount card at your local pharmacy. We also do not dispense any DEA-controlled medications such as narcotic pain medicine, sedatives, or stimulants.
Are there medications Compassion Primary Care does not prescribe?
Medications commonly prescribed for chronic pain or sedatives for conditions such as anxiety are not prescribed at Compassion Primary Care. Patients requiring treatment for these conditions will need to seek care with the appropriate specialist.
Besides paying for monthly membership, medications, x-rays and lab work, are there any additional fees?
Almost all in office procedures are covered through your monthly membership. However, more complicated procedures will incur an addition charge, refer to the pricing list for more details.
Does Compassion Primary Care provide prenatal services?
No, we do not but we will be happy to coordinate your care with your OB / GYN.
Can I get long-term controlled medications at Compassion Primary Care?
No, Compassion Primary Care does not prescribe long term-controlled substances such as narcotics or sedatives.
What if I need care and I am away from home?
Another freedom of being independent of insurance companies, is providing care where you are. We are familiar with your medical history and can streamline your care when your sick and aware from home. Through telemedicine many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated with a simple conversation. We can also order the appropriate medications and locate the nearest pharmacy to you.

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Compassion Primary Care is an integrative, virtual / mobile direct primary care practice providing holistic care in Brandon, Riverview, Valrico, and surrounding areas.



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Compassion Primary Care is an integrative, virtual / mobile direct primary care practice providing holistic care in Brandon, Riverview, Valrico, and surrounding areas.

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