Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative model sweeping the nation, that returns to focusing on the patient. With this model patients get increased access to their providers (nurse practitioner, physician or physician assistant). DPC is an investment in one’s health. DPC providers have smaller patient panels, usually around 600 patients, therefore they have more time for their patients. Longer and same day appointments are some of the benefits of direct primary care. Additional benefits include video visits, communication after hours via telephone or text with your provider. Many DPCs, including Compassion Primary Care, offer in office dispensing and discounts on generic medications and discounted labs. DPC is not dependent on insurance; so, individuals with and without insurance are both welcomed to the practice. Small businesses looking to offer additional benefits to their employees often find DPC to be a beneficial option. So, want to know more about DPC, please contact us via the website at or call us at 813-669-3084.

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