Commonly known as ear infection, otitis media usually affects children disproportionately more than adults. Otitis media is an acute infection that affects fluid in the middle ear and leads to inflammation of the mucosal lining in the middle ear. Common bacteria that can cause otitis media can include Streptococcus pneumonia and Haemophilus influenzae. Prior to the onset of symptoms adults usually experience an upper respiratory tract infection or a flare up of seasonal allergies. Individuals with eustachian tube dysfunction are also at risk for developing ear infections. Symptoms usually include ear pain to one ear, muffled hearing and possible fever. Antibiotics are usually the main treatment utilized to resolve an ear infection. Proper diagnosis and treatment require an in person assessment. If you are experiencing symptoms of an ear infection, call your pcp. If they will not see you or you need a primary care clinician, you can become a member of Compassion Primary Care, a direct primary care (dpc) practice or schedule a non-member visit

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