This symptom is a common complaint that women experience when they have a urinary tract infection (UTIs, a bladder infection / lower urinary tract infection). In comparison to men, women are more likely to be diagnosed with UTIs. One of the reasons is because the urethra is near the anus and bacteria from the anus can easily be introduced into the vaginal introitus, which can lead to symptoms of a UTI.

Other risk factors for UTIs include recent sexual intercourse and a history of UTIs. In addition, use of spermicide-coated condoms, diaphragms, and spermicides alone are associated with an increased risk of UTIs.

Common symptoms of a UTI include burning with urination, lower abdominal pain or pressure (suprapubic pain), increased frequency of urination, urinary urgency and blood in the urine. In older women, a common sign of a UTI can be confusion or changes in personality. Fever, chills, flank pain are more often associated with kidney infection (pyelonephritis / upper urinary tract infection) which requires prompt medical attention.

Some things that women can do to decrease the risk of a UTI are urinate after sexual intercourse, wipe from front to back, drinking more fluids, and voiding spermicides. Cranberry juice or pills may or may not help in decreasing the frequency of UTIs.

Of course, burning with urination can also be a sign of other medical issues such as kidney infection, kidney stone, vaginal inflammation, or infection (including sexually transmitted infections (STIs); for men burning with urination can be related to STIs, balanitis, acute prostatitis, or epididymitis. So, it is always wise to contact a healthcare provider before self-diagnosing yourself.

UTIs are caused by bacteria infection, antibiotics are needed for proper treatment. Also, the common over the counter medication AZO (Pyridium or Phenazopyridine ) helps with managing pain but it is not an antibiotic and prolonged used can lead to discoloration of urine (turns it orange), affect the results of urine testing, and can even lead to kidney problems. So, if it burns when you pee, please contact Compassion Primary Care, we would be happy to see you. You can schedule an appointment at; 813-669-3084.

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