Well woman exams (WWE) are scheduled once a year and include the following:

  • Review of menstrual history (when it it started, pain one may be experiencing during cycles, frequency, when menopause started and menopausal symptoms one may be experiencing)
  • Pregnancy history (live births, miscarriages, pre-term births, abortions)
  • Sexual history (including number of partners, sexual preferences, sexually transmitted illnessess)
  • Breast health (tenderness, pain, lumps or discharge)
  • Vaginal itching or discharge
  • In addition to listening to the heart, lungs and abdomen, other common assessments during the WWE can include assessing the thyroid, examination of both breasts for lumps, tenderness or unusual drainage from the nipple and a vaginal exam, which may include a pap smear and assessing for any pain or tenderness to the cervix and fallopian tubes
  • A pap smear (papanicolaou test) is a test that is done to assess for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), HPV is the virus that can possibly cause cervical cancer
  • Based on age and clinical findings you may be given a script to have a mammogram and blood work maybe ordered which would be based on information gathered during the office visit. In addition, medications may be ordered again based on information gathered during the office visit.

WWE are included in the membership fee for women enrolled as a patient at Compassion Primary Care. If you have questions about this exam or becoming a member of Compassion Primary Care , call / text 813-669-3084 or submit questions at www.compassionprimarycare.com

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